Optimize your yields

First Yield Swap Management Protocol 

Swap LP Positions’ Yields on multichain with LayerZero Interoperability, Participating in Restaking via Eigen Layer & $DPST Farming For optimizing your returns effectively

Optimize your earning potential without holding LP Positions and worrying about impermanent loss. Seamlessly earn yield for specific borrowed portions of LP positions for the loan duration.

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Boost your DeFi returns with optimized LP Yields 


P2P Yield Swapping

Direct on-chain peer-to-peer lending and borrowing of Uniswap V3 pool positions. Lend your potential yield for a specific period to an interested borrower or borrow someone else’s yields for a fraction of the total liquidity provided in that position.


Institutional Liquidity Pools

Blue-chip pool positions offer more predictable returns with even lesser risks of impermanent loss. Simply lend pool positions to institutional LP Managers or use our analytical tools to effectively manage your LP Positions.


Yield Casing

LP Pool positions are analyzed by our partner LLM agents on various metrics like the estimated yield that can be generated in the loan duration based on historical data, market sentiments, how much total liquidity is there on the specific pool, volatility, lending terms etc. Then the LLM categorizes these Pool Positions in terms of Potential & Risk so you can make more informed decisions.

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